Frostbite and Winter Sprint Race Diary

By jerseypaddleclub

Frostbite race series 2012/2013

The start on the Frostbite series 2012/2013 is also the start of our 2nd year of competitive racing on the island and it’s been great to watch it grow over the last 12 months.

With growth comes change and the need to keep things interesting. With the last Frostbite and Summer Series most races were held in the west of the island and I think it would be nice to mix it up a little and start see a bit more of the Jersey coast line. So with that in mind the first race will be held in the East at St Catherine’s slip.

Frostbite race dates and times
Race 1 – Sunday 28th October - Race 1 results
Race 2 – Sunday 11th November - Race 2 results
Race 3 – Sunday 25th November – 1pm - Race 3 results
Race 4 – Sunday 16th December – 9am Race 4 results
Race 5 – Sunday 23rd December – 1:30pm Race 5 results
Race 6 – Sunday 13th January
Race 7 – Sunday 27th January
Race 8 – Sunday 10th February
Race 9 – Sunday 24th February
Race 10 – Sunday 10th March
Race 11- Sunday24th March
Race 12 – Sunday 7th April – THE FINAL
Please remember that these dates and ideas may change once the club is official and we have an elected committee. Until then i will keep things moving

Jersey Frostbite Race no1 6th November 2011 – St Brelades Bay – 13:30pm

A great 1st race of the series with 8 entrants. Due to the lack of boards we had to run two races so everyone had a go on a race board. The winner was decided on the fastest time and it was Jono Stevenson from Jono’s Watersports that took the first spot beating John Harvey by 6 seconds.
Results for 14ft division
1: Jono Stevenson
2: John Harvey
3: Chester Mackley
4: Jason Stolte
5: Aaron Rowe
6: Dave Ferguson
7: Tim Rowe

Results for 12’6 division
1: Tim Trendant

Race conditions- Calm sea with 23mph NNE offshore wind

Jersey Frostbite Race no2 18th November 2011 – St Brelades Bay – 13:30pm

A much quieter race this time with only 5 entrants. The race was 3 laps of the pole with a beach sprint in between each lap.
Results for 14ft division
1: John Harvey
2: Tim Rowe

Results for 12’6ft division
1: Aaron Rowe
2: Richie Langford
3: Stevie Ashcroft

Race conditions- Swell 1.5ft with 23mph SSE cross/onshore wind

Jersey Frostbite Race no3 27th November 2011 – St Brelades Bay – 09:00am

A slight improvement on the last race with 6 entrants. The course involved a race out to the pole where racers went left across the beach in to the wind to a marker set out at sea. At the marker racers went around on the right hand side and headed back across the bay with the wind, around the pole to the beach, beach sprint then another lap of the pole with a final beach sprint.
Results for 14ft division
1: John Harvey
2: Tim Rowe
3: James Painter

Results for 12’6ft division
1: Aaron Rowe
2: Stevie Ashcroft
3: Richie Langford
4: Tim Axford

Race conditions- Swell 2ft with a force 4-5 W cross shore wind

Jersey Frostbite Race no4 10th December 2011 – Le Braye – 15:00pm

Change of venue for this race we moved from the comfort of St Brelades bay to the St Ouens Bay at Le Braye. We Had 7 contestants who raced across the bay, around the tower and to the beach with a beach sprint x 2.
Results for 14ft division
1: John Harvey
2: Tim Rowe
3: James Painter
4: Tim Axford

Results for 12’6ft division
1: Benny Langford
2: Tim Trendant
3: Richie Langford
4: Stevie Ashcroft

Race conditions- Small swell no wind

Jersey Frostbite Race no5 27th December 2011 – St Brelades – 09:00am

Back to St Brelades for this race with 8 competitors turning up for a great morning of racing. The sun came out in between the rain just long enough for the race.
Results for 14ft division
1: John Harvey
2: James Painter
3: Kevin Marshall

Results for 12’6ft division
1: Tim Rowe
2: Ben Langford
3: Richie Langford
4: Stevie Ashcroft
5: Tim Trendant

Race conditions- Wind S Onshore with a slight swell

Jersey Frostbite Race no6 2nd January 2012 – St Brelades – 11:00am

Looked everyone was keen to work off a few of those extra pounds for the first race of the new year as we had 11 competitors, our highest number yet.
Racers went 3 laps of the pole with a beach sprint in between
Results for 14ft division
1: John Harvey
2: Chester
3: Jason Stolte
4: James Painter
5: Kevin Marshall

Results for 12’6ft division
1: Aaron Rowe
2: Tim Rowe
3: Benny Langford
4: Richie Langford
5: Tim Trendant
6: Tim Axford

Race conditions- Small swell with light winds

Jersey Frostbite Race no7 29th January 2012 – St Brelades – 10:00am

We laid a triangular course for this race to force the guys to do more turing and to lengthen the course. We also had Channel TV down to film the race for a bit of local exposure. 9 competitors came down and put on a great show. We also had how first Prone and junior entrants.
Results for 14ft division
1: John Harvey
2: Aaron Rowe
3: Tim Axford
4: Mark Creedon

Results for 12’6ft division
1: Tim Rowe
2: Benny Langford
3: Richie Langford
4: Tim Trendant
5: Stevie Ashcroft

Prone Paddle board
1: Rob

1: Sam Axford

Jersey Frostbite Race no8 12th February 2012 – St Brelades – 10:00am

What a great morning of racing with a total of 11 competitors with some new faces turning up and giving it ago. Which was great as we had 5 regulars away on holiday.
The conditions were amazing with a light off shore a super calm water. Robbo Connor joined the race again this week on his Prone board and we hope to see more Prone paddlers in the coming races.
Mr Andre’ Le Geyt turned up for his first SUP race and as predicted he pushed me all the way to end. I’ll have to up my game next time to get a bit more distance on him. Maybe a lead weight on his board.
So here are the results and leader board. Remember there are still two races to go before the end of the Frostbite series
Results from Race 8
Leader board after race 8

Jersey Frostbite Race no9 26th February 2012 – St Brelades – 10:00am
Light winds and flat seas greeted the competitors so it was all down to paddle skill and power with no waves to help out. A great turn out with 13 entrants and few new boards hitting the water for the first time.

Jersey Frostbite Race no10 11th March 2012 – St Brelades Bay – 10:00am
Conditions for the race were great at St Brelades with light winds and flat seas. A more technical course was laid on for the racers making them go round a series of buoys over 2.5 laps with a straight paddle sprint to beach at the end with a beach run to the finish line.
We also had our first ladies race with 4 ladies doing a sprint race of one lap of the pole.

Results from the race can be found here
Race no10 results and Leader board

Race no 11

10 racers turned out for the last race of the Frostbite series. Great surf and a few people of island meant we were 5 regulars down. The course was a new M shaped layout that involved multiple turns, strong cross winds and a bit more distance than the normal races.
John Harvey and Andre LeGeyt led the pack from the beginning soon gaining a good lead. The whole race John led just ahead of Andre until the final stretch when Andre made a break for it pushing John to step up a gear to catch up. The race finished with a beach sprint finish with both racers crossing the line in joint 1st overall. With Andre taking the 14ft and John the 12’6ft.
In 3rd place overall was Gary Smith who did amazingly well for his FIRST race and I’m sure with more practice will be a force to be reckoned with.
The stand out paddler of the day was veteran paddler Tim Rowe who fell off 4 times along the 2 lap course and each time he pulled him self back to the front of the main pack to finish 4th just behind Gary.

Due to a few regular racers not being able to make the last event the prize giving for the series will be postponed till the first Summer Sizzler race on the 14/15 April.