Frostbite series race no 2 – St Brelades BOP

Posted: 13th November 2012 by jerseypaddleclub in Club News, Frostbite race news

Race no 2 of the Frostbite series was held on Sunday 11th November at St Brelades Bay. For once in what felt like a long time we had light winds, a small swell and some sunshine for the race which all added up to great afternoon of racing.

The course was a sort of T shape that gave the competitors the chance for a slight down wind leg across the bay and good distance was marker 3 to the beach to allow for the chance of a few bumps and a wave closer to the beach. Once at the beach each racer had to run with their board around the beach flag, then back to the water for the next lap. There were 4 laps in total.






















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