Summer Sizzler and Overseas Events Diary

By jerseypaddleclub

The Summer Sizzler will run in the same format as the Frostbite series. Contests will be free and they will normally be run every 2 weeks (weather permitting).

* Racers wanting to get a ranking at the end of the series will be required to do at least 4 races in one division
* If you take part in 8 races , 4 in one class and 4 in another you will only be ranked on your highest placed class

* If at the end of the series there is a tie for any position the final placing will be worked out against the highest 5th score or if no 5th score is available then there will be a race off between the 2 competitors.
* Each race will have a handicap start and your place in the start line will go against your previous race placing
* After the main race there will be a team relay race. The teams will be worked out based on the results from the main race.
* Race formats will vary. BOP, Distance and Down Wind

There will be a Facebook events page set up for each race which will go out a week before the event. This will confirm the date and venue but please note that this may change a few days before if the weather doesn’t suit the venue.

*There may also be from time to time mid week races in between the set weekend races. These races will be called the Summer Sizzler #.5 race and you can only have one in between each of the main races. So SS 3 is held then a week later during the week SS 3.5 is held. You can not then have another mid week race till after SS 4.

*Mid week races will carry the same points as a normal races but you must have a minimum of 5 competitors that have done at least 1 main weekend race to make it official.

· Summer Sizzler 1 Sunday April 15th – Race complete Race 1 results

· Summer Sizzler 2 Sunday April 30th – Race complete Race 2 results

· 1st Annual Liberation Day Fun race May 9th – Race complete

· North Point SUP Surf and Race event Brittany France 12/13th May – Race completed
· Summer Sizzler 3 Sunday May 20th – Race completed Race 3 results

. Summer Sizzler 3.5 Tuesday May 29th – Race completed Race 3.5 results

· Steve West Paddle Clinic Saturday June 2nd
· Summer Sizzler 4 Sunday June 3rd - Race completed
· Summer Sizzler 5 Sunday June 17th - Race completed
· Summer Sizzler 6 Sunday July 1st - Race completed Race 6 results
· Summer Sizzler 7 Sunday July 15th – Race completed Race 7 results
· Summer Sizzler 8 Sunday July 29th = Race completed Race 8 results
· Summer Sizzler 9 Sunday August 12th – This race is now cancelled due to a 2 day race in St Malo on the same weekend that i think quite a few people are going to. Completed Paddle Part 2012 write up


There will be 4 races in total over the 2 days. We have to be in St Malo between noon and 13:00 for registration and to pay the entrants fee of 20 euros for the Saturday race. The 1st race will start at 15:00 and will be 6KM, 2nd race will be a 10KM race starting at 18:00 and after there will be cocktails on a boat.

On Sunday registration will be in Dinard between 9 – 10 and there will be a charge od 10 or 15 euros for these 2 races with the 1st race starting at 11:00 covering 5KM from Dianrd to St Lunaire. On arrival we will have a BBQ and chill before the the last race of the weekend which will taek us back to Dinard.

They aim to finsih it all up Sunday at 16:30.

Travel: The ferry leaves Saturday at 09:10. Coming back  Sunday evening on the 21:30 ferry.

Costs: With 5 people in a van the cost per person will be £75.

Accommodation: There are a few campsites around St Malo and the cost for camping is around 7 euros per night.
· Summer Sizzler 9 Sunday August 29th – Race complete Race 9 results

Jersey Heritage to re-enact an old Jersey paddle race that used to happen each year between St Brelades and the White House.
· National SUP Festival Hayling Island UK 8/9th September
· Summer Sizzler Jersey Final Saturday 22nd September followed by the end of season party at Portlet with prize giving Summer Sizzler Final results
· Condor Ferries Dragon Boat race Saturday 29th September
· BSUPA National Championships Watergate Bay UK 12/13th October