Frost Bite race results for 4 & 5

Posted: 24th December 2012 by jerseypaddleclub in Club News, Frostbite race news

Frostbite race number 4 was held on Sunday 15th December at La Haule.

Competitors had to race from the beach, in to the harbour, around a marker and back out. They then had to head to Belcroute in to a F5 head wind then out to sea around the yellow cone. This part of the course meant that racers had to head out and across with wind and swell pushing them away from the marker. Once around the  marker it was a 1.5 mile down wind back to the beach and the finish line.

Gary Smith took his 1st 12’6 win of the series with a strong lead ahead of John (The legend) Harvey.


Fostbite race number 5 was held on Sunday 23rd December at St Brelades Bay.

This was the first race this series with light winds which was a welcomed change to the previous F4-5 winds the past races were held in. There was also a 2ft swell coming in to the bay which made for some fun rides in between laps. The course involved multiple turns and beach sprints.

See below for results and leader board.

Frostbite Race Results race 4 Frostbite leader board after race 5 Frostbite leader board after race 4&5