Frostbite and Winter Sprint Race series 2012/2013

Posted: 25th October 2012 by jerseypaddleclub in Frostbite race news

Frostbite race series 2012/2013

The start on the Frostbite series 2012/2013 is also the start of our 2nd year of competitive racing on the island and it’s been great to watch it grow over the last 12 months.

With growth comes change and the need to keep things interesting. With the last Frostbite and Summer Series most races were held in the west of the island and I think it would be nice to mix it up a little and start see a bit more of the Jersey coast line. So with that in mind the first race will be held in the East at St Catherine’s slip.

Proposed Frostbite race dates and times

Race 1 – Sunday 28th October – Completed
Race 2 – Sunday 11th November – 3pm
Race 3 – Sunday 25th November – 1pm – Then after we will go to the Mirmar hotel for the AGM which starts at 3pm
Race 4 – Sunday 16th December – 9pm
Race 5 – Sunday 23rd December – 1:30pm
Please remember that these dates and ideas may change once the club is official and we have an elected committee. Until then i will keep things moving
  1. Tim Rowe says:

    So we have a choice on the 25th November either attend the race or go to the AGM. On the 9th December there will be 6 of us missing as we will be in Paris

  2. Tim Rowe says:

    Then the race will need to be finished by 3 not start at 3