OK lets talk Summer Sizzler

Posted: 28th March 2012 by jerseypaddleclub in Club News, Summer Sizzler Race and Surf news

The first event of the series is just a few weeks away and there is a lot of planning to do so we get off to a great start. With the winter series most races were done in the morning on big tides which sometimes made things a bit rushed with the tide running away from us.

So for the summer events I’ve tried to plan them around weekends when we have small tides with high being around mid day. This will allow us to run more events in one day and include a surf event if the swell is there. It will also allow us to make more of a day of it and get the family on the beach and a BBQ at the end (Weather permitting).

The planned venue for the weekend races will be Sands or Le Braye with Le Braye being the preferred option for the races and Sands for the surf events. Rocco tower is a great race marker.

First event will be Sunday 15th April.
The race schedule for the day will look something like this

10:30am – 2-3 mile paddle race along the bay and back. Call this a warm up for the day ahead

12:00 – SUP Surf Heats – If there is swell

13:30 – Technical race around a course of buffs. The distance will be around 1.5 miles.

14:30 – SUP Surf Final – If there is swell

15:30 – Relay race – a standard U shape course of teams of 2 each doing one lap. Teams will be decided on combined scores from the previous 2 races.

It’s a full on day but should be good fun and there will only be one of these a month between April and October (Except August which is a rest month) so plenty of time to rest.

There will also be after work paddle events arranged which will be at various bays around the island. These won’t always be races as it will depend on numbers and notification of these events will only happen a few days before so we make sure we have the best evening.

I will need help with organising the monthly events and it would be nice to get a few of you who will help at every event to get it set up, register entrants, keep scores, take photos, surf judging.
Names on a Postcard please :)

Also as I have said before if anyone has a better idea on where or how to run these events please let me know sooner rather than later.

Just a reminder the monthly events will be a pay to enter. This is non profit and all money raised on the day will go in to a bank account that will be used for prizes, medals and an end of series party. Again if any one feels this is wrong and the events should be free or the entrants fee is too much please let me know.
Entrants fee will be
£5 to enter either the Surfing or Racing or £8 to enter both.