Summer Sizzler race #6

Posted: 2nd July 2012 by jerseypaddleclub in Club News, Summer Sizzler Race and Surf news


All photo’s courtesy of Elsa Fernandes 





Summer Sizzler race no 6 was held at St Brelades Bay on Sunday 1st July at 16:30. The sun was shining and there was actually some warmth coming off it. The wind was blowing from the North and at times was a little gusty there was also a small amount of swell pushing in which meant there were a few bumps to be found.

The course was the confusing ARROW lay out which involves multiple turns and for a short laid out course actually covers a fair distance. This race was 3 laps which = 3.5 miles.

Race course data courtesy Tim Rowe














There were 9 SUP racers, 2 prone and 2 Ski’s that took part in the race














Results and Leader board































After the main race a few people hung on to take part in a fun relay race.

There were two teams and each team had a mix of SUP, Prone and Ski. The course was simple, each person had to do one lap to the marker and back, run up the beach and tag the next person.

Team 1 was Andre – Prone, Gary – SUP, Stuart – Ski and Dave L – SUP

Team 2 was John – SUP, Tim T – Prone, Richie – SUP, Robbo – Ski

In the end it was Team 1 that took the win