Summer Sizzler 3.5 the mid week special was held on Tuesday 29th @19:00 at low tide St Brelades Bay. The conditions were amazing with no wind and a sea fog hanging out at sea that gave a spooky look to the bay.

The main race was a 1.5 mile sprint race out to sea in to the fog and back. It started off as a close race between Andre, Chester and Greg Mansell on their 14′s but soon Andre and Chester broke away with Andre gaining a comfortable lead. John took Greg on the second marker on the 12’6 and kept that lead to the end.

After the main race the 8 competitors split in to two teams of 4 to do a relay race.

Team 1 – Andre, Greg, Richie, Tim

Team 2 – Chester, John, Kevin, Gary

It was Team 2 that were victorious but it was close all the way.

If that wasn’t enough the competitors then did timed sprint trials in the dying light on Gary’s 12’6 Tabou.

  1. John Harvey – 2:19
  2. Andre Le Geyt – 2.21
  3. Gary Smith – 2.28
  4. Greg Mansell – 2.29
  5. Tim Tredant – 2.39
  6. Richie Langford – 2.49

Results from main race and leader board. It’s still all to play for and this series is going to be close

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