Summer Sizzzler race no 7 was held under blue summer sky’s at St Brelades Bay on Sunday 15th July at 16:30. The course was a triangular course taking the racers up the right hand side of the bay, around the rocks next to devil jaws where they headed left to do a short Down wind run to the far left corner of the bay where they had to surf on to the beach and run with their board around the beach flag and back to the water. Once in the water the racers had to paddle along the shore line to a sea marker in the right hand corner into a F5 head wind and deal with side swell all the way.

The course was 2,5 laps = 4 miles.

Thank you to Tim Rowe for this GPS footage.















Overall leader board

Stand Up Paddle around Jersey

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On Wednesday 27th June 2012 John Harvey and Andre Le Geyt became the first people to Stand Up Paddle around the island. It took them 7.34 hours and they covered a distance of 33.34 miles.

Andre ” We had been planning this for a few months but the weather had been so up and down it had been hard to find the right day”

It all came together on Tuesday night when John and Andre were having a quick beer at Portlet after a boat trip to Le Minquiers.

John “We had been keeping an eye on the weather and at 11pm on Tuesday we decided that Wednesday would be the best day as the conditions were perfect. Light winds until late afternoon.”

Andre ” We left St Brelades at 10:45 and headed East, pretty much the whole way the wind was light and the sea dead calm. It was only when we got past Plemont that the wind picked up and there was a lot of water moving around the rocks at Grosnez which made it hard to paddle. That sections there was probably the only low point on the whole trip.

John ” Totally agree Grosnez was cold and dark but once past there we could see Corbiere and knew we were on the homeward leg, so we put how heads down and went for it.”

John and Andre both agreed that the hardest part of the paddle was as they came in to St Brelades bay as the wind had really picked up and was blowing straight in to them.

Once back on the beach the boys headed to the pub for a well deserved pint.

Click on the link for a short vid of the trip

Stand Up paddle around Jersey

Summer Sizzler race #6

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All photo’s courtesy of Elsa Fernandes 





Summer Sizzler race no 6 was held at St Brelades Bay on Sunday 1st July at 16:30. The sun was shining and there was actually some warmth coming off it. The wind was blowing from the North and at times was a little gusty there was also a small amount of swell pushing in which meant there were a few bumps to be found.

The course was the confusing ARROW lay out which involves multiple turns and for a short laid out course actually covers a fair distance. This race was 3 laps which = 3.5 miles.

Race course data courtesy Tim Rowe














There were 9 SUP racers, 2 prone and 2 Ski’s that took part in the race














Results and Leader board































After the main race a few people hung on to take part in a fun relay race.

There were two teams and each team had a mix of SUP, Prone and Ski. The course was simple, each person had to do one lap to the marker and back, run up the beach and tag the next person.

Team 1 was Andre – Prone, Gary – SUP, Stuart – Ski and Dave L – SUP

Team 2 was John – SUP, Tim T – Prone, Richie – SUP, Robbo – Ski

In the end it was Team 1 that took the win









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Tim Rowe, Aaron Rowe, Chris Bates and Mark Creedan left Jersey Wednesday night to start their 5 hour journey down to the island of Oleron in SW France. The boys are heading off to compete in a World series event with a prize purse of $10,000. This is one of the biggest European events on the year and will attract the biggest names in Europe and the World.

The event is circled around one main race the 30KM distance race from la Plage de Soubregeon to Saint-Denis d’Oléron. The race will start at 2pm on the Friday and they will be going with the current with the added hope that the wind will also be there to  help them along. Last year the wind was against the racers for most of the race. :(


Saturday and Sunday will be more fun days with Beach sprint races in a BOP style, Relays and if there’s surf they will run a SUP surf comp.


Friday 09:18 – Update from Mark












Last night the boys filled up on pasta and got an early night. Last night there was some concern from organsiers that the race may have to be split in to two part due to the wind. This morning the call has been made to run the race in one full stretch as the wind is set to drop. The boys are waiting now for the next update for the race start time.

There is no live coverage but there maybe updates on the FB link.

Summer Sizzler 3.5 the mid week special was held on Tuesday 29th @19:00 at low tide St Brelades Bay. The conditions were amazing with no wind and a sea fog hanging out at sea that gave a spooky look to the bay.

The main race was a 1.5 mile sprint race out to sea in to the fog and back. It started off as a close race between Andre, Chester and Greg Mansell on their 14′s but soon Andre and Chester broke away with Andre gaining a comfortable lead. John took Greg on the second marker on the 12’6 and kept that lead to the end.

After the main race the 8 competitors split in to two teams of 4 to do a relay race.

Team 1 – Andre, Greg, Richie, Tim

Team 2 – Chester, John, Kevin, Gary

It was Team 2 that were victorious but it was close all the way.

If that wasn’t enough the competitors then did timed sprint trials in the dying light on Gary’s 12’6 Tabou.

  1. John Harvey – 2:19
  2. Andre Le Geyt – 2.21
  3. Gary Smith – 2.28
  4. Greg Mansell – 2.29
  5. Tim Tredant – 2.39
  6. Richie Langford – 2.49

Results from main race and leader board. It’s still all to play for and this series is going to be close

Click here for leader board

Jersey Summer Sizzler race no 3 Results

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Summer Sizzler race no 3 was held at St Brelades Bay on the 19th May. Even though the rain came down it didn’t dampen the spirits of the 14 competitors who raced 3 laps of a new course which = 3 miles

Race course

It was a challenging course with multiple 360 turns meaning competitors had to really stay focused on the turns and remember which way to go round the markers (Andre Le Geyt).

The Summer Sizzler race no 2 was held at St Helier Harbour during the Jersey Boat Show on Sunday 6th May 12.

The race was 3 laps of a triangular course in the harbour it self with 10 male racers and 2 ladies taking part.

The results after race 2 have put a real shift in the placings with Aaron Rowe leading the 14ft class, Mark Creedan leading the 12’6 class and Libby and Ali tied for 1st in the ladies.

Condor Ferries’ Dragon Boat Festival 2012

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On Saturday the 29th September 2012 the Condor Ferries’ Dragon Boat Festival will take place and the Jersey SUP Club would like to enter a team.

Entry is £300 per team and a team is made up of 18 people so it would only be £16.66 each but we have to commit to raising at least £500 in sponsorship money as a team which only means that at the bare minimum each team member would need to raise £27.77, so not a huge effort required to be apart of  a great day.

I will need to know by this Sunday  30th if you want to be apart of this so we can guarantee getting a boat. You can email me at or call 07700753358

So What is dragon boat racing?

A dragon boat is a spectacular 40-foot long canoe-like vessel with an ornately
carved dragon’s head and tail. One person sits as a helm, keeping the boat in course
with a giant paddle, while a drummer sits in the prow, beating out the time and 16
people, sitting in pairs do the paddling.
The challenge is not so much the paddling technique, but in trying to synchronise
with the other paddlers in your boat.
With no experience needed – just loads of enthusiasm – the festival has become a
fantastic event for groups of friends and colleagues, where you can expect to enjoy a
fun day out with a great carnival atmosphere.

What to expect on the day

The Dragon Boat Festival isn’t just a sport – it’s almost a carnival event. Participating
crews can enjoy a full day’s entertainment, including:

The SUP wonder kid from Jersey Aaron Rowe will be heading of to La Torche on the Brittany coast this Thursday 26th April to compete in the Junior World Tour comp. Aaron made a massive impact last year knocking out some of the top French SUPers and made it all the way to the Semis.

With a year of practice behind him and a few more comps under his belt the young man from St Brelades is ready to take them all on again.

He’ll be taking his trusty 8ft Naish and his new little ripper of a board the 6’6” Naish soft top.

The action starts Saturday 28th April and runs for a week, watch it here.  La Torche Pro

Here’s some picture of Aaron in action.

Summer Sizzler Race 1 results

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Wow what a great turn out!!! 13 men, 1 ladies and Robbo on the Prone.

It was testing conditions with strong winds but everyone pulled through and there were some competitors who improved on their normal placings by 2.

So the final results were